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About Interactive Electronics Design

Custom Electronics Design for Interactive Exhibits and Attractions

Interactive Electronics Design, LLC provides custom electronics design and interactive solutions for science and technology center exhibits and attractions. We can provide the electronics and software to control your exhibit, or we can design and build an entire exhibit for you. Our focus is on unique and creative features which will stimulate the interest of visitors and inspire them to learn through your investment.

We also apply our capabilities towards commercial displays, kiosks, and attractions.  You have something to communicate, and we can use interactive elements to help you do it in an interesting and effective way.


What We Do

We design custom electronics for interactive exhibits, displays, and attractions
We focus on unique and creative features which stimulate and captivate your visitors
We can design and build your entire exhibit

Clients We Serve

Science Centers
Exhibit Developers
Themed Attraction Developers
Interactive Display and Kiosk Developers

How We Make a Difference for You

We apply unique and creative features to capture the interest of your audience
We work closely with you to understand and meet your objectives
We provide durable and reliable solutions which will stand up to years of use
We stand behind our work

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